A couple of old Mega Man ZX wallpapers

Here are a few wallpapers I made quite a while ago. I think these were done before Mega Man ZX was released outside of Japan or maybe even of when the games had just released or were about to be released in Japan. Anyway, I just know that they are quite old and you can easily notice it based on the resolution of the files. Widescreens weren’t even common yet. XD

Since there are several of them, I’ll be linking to each of them inside this post. Each wallpaper will also have a link to a backup on my personal Keybase.

First of all, all of the following wallpapers’ main download link is through Rockman PM. Just follow the link below and you’ll be able to access each of these wallpapers (in even more resolutions) and a lot more including a few official ones from Capcom.


Now for each wallpaper and its back up link. First, here’s one for Model X.

Regular: https://linknm.keybase.pub/Downloads/Wallpapers/modelx.jpg?dl=1
Widescreen: https://linknm.keybase.pub/Downloads/Wallpapers/modelx1280ws.jpg?dl=1

So looking back at that wallpaper, I can safely now confirm that these were done in 2006 which is definitely quite a while. XD Also, the URL that’s in there still works and will just redirect you to the current N Masters. Besides that, I guess it’s still a nice wallpaper but I would change a few things if I were to remake it.

Here’s Model ZX.


As you can see, all these wallpapers followed a similar pattern. Like before, I think I would adjust a few things to this one too. Probably a bit more changes than the last one.

Model FX


For these models, I decided to try something different. I think this was probably because there was only one art for each form instead of two like in X, ZX, and OX. I like these better, though, as they feel more complete. Related to this specifically, I actually remember that I had a bit of trouble with the sparks and the transparency of the artwork. It took me a while to get it sorted the way I wanted.

Model HX


Same style as before but now in green. I think I had similar transparency issues with this one but they weren’t as bad this time. This is probably one of my favorites together with LX, but there’s still a few things I would change if I wanted to remake them. (Which isn’t going to happen, btw. I lost the original PSD files and also simply have no interest in remaking them.)

Model LX


Probably my favorite of the set. I like how the blue tones came out and how there’s not much empty space but also isn’t very noisy. Still, there’s things that I’m not satisfied with and feel it looks a bit plain. I think I had a few transparency issues in this one but they weren’t as bad as the others.

Model PX


Another one where I had more transparency issues. Not as bad as FX but, IIRC, kind of close to it. Besides that, I guess there’s a few things I like about this one but also quite a few things I would end up changing.

Finally, there’s one for Model OX


In this one, I returned to the original design. In some parts, I really like how it ended up looking. A few issues in some areas but still better than before. Since this was done a bit after all the previous ones, I think I remember using what I had learned while making the others. One of my favorites together with LX.

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