Moments when MMX Legacy Collections block screenshots and videos

It was expected but I hadn’t really experienced it yet. There are moments in both Mega Man X Legacy Collections when the screenshots and video recording are blocked. Once it happened once, I knew all the places where it would happen. Btw, I’m guessing these features are also blocked in a similar way in the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

The way I discovered it existed was actually in one of the most unlikely places. In the Trailers section of the game, both Mega Man X Legacy Collections block screenshots and recordings from literally any moment that a trailer is playing. It doesn’t matter which trailer you select, as long as it’s playing, the console’s screenshot and recording functions are blocked. I find this one interesting since I thought only the trailers with the Japanese opening songs (X7 and X8) would be blocked, not that all of them would be.

After that, I decided to go and try finding more blocked moments in the rest of the collections. I went first with the most obvious ones, changed the games’ editions to Japanese (on games from X4 and above) and tried taking a screenshot while the opening music video was playing. As expected, the console’s recording function was blocked. And when I switched the game back to US edition and tried taking a picture or video, the function worked as normal again.

I quickly remembered where there’s another song and in both English and Japanese: the secret credits. Selected it and went through the whole credits. Again, as soon as the song started and the credits style switched, both screenshots and video recording were blocked.

Finally, there was one more place to test, the music player. Again, the results where the ones expected. Whenever I played one of the Japanese music tracks, the game blocked the console’s screenshot and video recording features. As soon as I paused the music track or switched it to another one (that wasn’t another Japanese song), the recording feature was restored.

Strangely, the game does let you take screenshots and videos while “The Day of Σ” is playing, which is the place where I thought Capcom would definitely block it.

Author: Link-NM

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