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Welp, it’s been a while since I last published something here even though I said I would start doing the opposite. But it’s time to fix that.

First of all, going to post this quick guide related to PSO2 and its player or personal shop system. More specifically, how to search in it to find your favorite cosmetic, weapon, or item. It’s a guide I’ve been thinking of making since a while ago. There is also stuff going on with overall N Masters, Makendo Central, and game development things but I’ll share that in a post after this one.

Anyway, let’s start with this quick guide which you can find inside this post.

If you’ve tried using it, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed the way the search works in PSO2’s Personal Shop is pretty confusing. To begin, there’s like 3 search buttons and a lot of fields you can fill in. But once you understand what exactly each thing does, it’s pretty easy.

PSO2 Personal Shop Search Menu

Let’s start with the top left part of the menu. We have the two following options:

  • Item Name with a text field and a Search button
  • Augment Name with a bit button labeled “Perform Multiple Searches

All of this is under the section “Name Settings (Exact Match)”. This section is the most important one if you already know what specific item you are searching for. If you are doing a more generic search, then most of this area can be ignored. Let’s talk about how this part works, though.

On Item Name, you are supposed to write the exact name of the item you are searching for. As far as I know, the only things you can omit are symbols such as brackets or colons. So if you are searching for the Glissen Sword, for example, you need to type it exactly like that. If you have any typo, your search will not work.

Yep, this sounds like it sucks and that’s because it indeed sucks. The search system is very primitive and has not been updated at all since the old PSO2, even after the NGS update. So that’s why the button to the side of this Item Name text field can be very useful. What this button does is search in your cache of recently seen items. Keep in mind that it does not search on all the items that exist in the game, only the ones you’ve recently seen, be it through drops, from other players, or prize list from scratch tickets.

So, with this knowledge in mind, we can then try searching for all weapons that include the word “Sword” in its name that we have seen recently. On the Item Name text field, we can type the word “sword” and then click on the Search button to the right. A small window will pop up showing us all item names with the word “sword” that we have recently seen and are still in our cache. We can then select a specific item from this list and it’ll automatically fill up the Item Name text field with it.

If the item you want to search for is not showing up on the pop up window, then it means it’s no longer in your cache of recently seen items. Your only choice in this case is to find the exact name of the item online and type it on the text field. The Arks-Visiphone or PSO2’s official website may come useful in this case. Alternatively, you can try finding the item in the game again so that it gets added into your cache of recent items once more. For example, by opening the list of prizes of a Scratch Ticket again.

The second option, Augment Name, only has one button labeled Perform Multiple Searches which will only take you to the small window on the right. This one let’s you search for specific Augments on a weapon or armor and the fields work in the same way as the Item Name field from before. What this means is that the game expects you to type the exact name of the augment or do a search in your recently seen ones. For example, if you search for “Soul”, it’ll show you all the augments with the word Soul in it as a result.

Then you can simply select the specific Augment you want and it’ll automatically fill it up on the field. If you don’t care about the augments in the weapon or armor you are searching for, you can leave this whole Augment Search section blank.

If you don’t care about adding filters to your search, you can skip to the last part of this guide already. The default settings in the middle section are already set to no filters.

Doing a Generic Search or Filtering

The big section in the middle of the menu will help you either do a plain generic search for items of a certain category or add filters to the exact item search you wrote in the first part. There’s several options you can use such as item category, item rarity, and price range.

In the Category section, you can be really specific as to what type of weapon, armor, cosmetic, or consumable. You can also specify if it comes with an element, enhancement level, number of augments, potential level, preset skills, color variant, and even if it’s a multiweapon.

The Rarity and Price settings are very straightforward. You can specify if you want a specific rarity or greater and the price range.

If you just want to do a generic search, you should have left the Item Name field from before completely blank and then proceed to add the appropriate filters in this section. You need to add at least one type of filter in the Category Settings, otherwise, your generic search will not work.

Searching the Shop

Finally, you have two buttons all the way to the bottom of the screen. These two are your buttons to actually search in the Personal Shop. Usually, you want to use the right one, which searches by price and sorts the results from least expensive to most. The other button would give you the results sorted by most recent listing to oldest, as pointed out in the label.

And that’s it. That’s how you search for items in the Personal Shop of PSO2. As you can see, the most complicated or confusing part is the first one, the fact that there’s a cache of recently seen items. So not every item will show up when you try to search for item names on the top part and you may have to write the exact name. The rest is very easy to understand.

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