Final update log before N Masters relaunch

As the title states, this will be the final update before relaunching N Masters website, which should be in the next 24 hours, if everything goes well. Here’s what has happened since the last update log, though.

First of all, the YouTube channel keeps getting updated but now that it’s technically marked as active again, I’ve slowed down on the uploads. I’ve started to focus more on finishing the website and design for social network services related accounts. You may have seen an updated banner for N Masters YouTube, Twitter, and Guilded accounts or server. The avatar for them has also been updated. And while it’s not the final design for them, it’s a design that matches more the new design for N Masters.

Additionally, the N Masters alliance in PSO2 also has flag now and can be searched for. A description for it has also been added. It’s in Ship 1, by the way.

So what’s missing for the N Masters website to be launched? Very small touches on the front page design and the new website icon. That’s pretty much it. That’s why I hope it will release in the next 24 hours if everything goes well.

I would also like to mention that once the website is launched, some of the content that was usually posted here will now be posted at N Masters. Things like “A Look At”, commentary about “First Play” videos, game guides, and other gaming related content will now just be shared over there. Computer stuff, drawings, or update logs about Makendo Central website and NovaFan Games will still be shared here, though.

Author: Link-NM

Link-NM is the administrator of N Masters, Makendo Central, and indie game developer at NovaFan Games. His favorite game franchises include Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart.

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