WIP on Makendo Central

During the last few days, updates to N Masters or my streams on Twitch have slowed down a bit. That’s because I’ve been working on Makendo Central stuff and want to get it launched soon.

First of all, the YouTube channel and Facebook page have been updated. Most people didn’t know about the YouTube channel but you can find it here. Facebook page was the only one that was really public so if you were following it, you may have noticed it’s been touched up a bit including a new avatar.

Additionally, new Twitter and Twitch accounts have been made. The Twitter will be used to share updates similar to the Facebook page. I don’t know when or how the Twitch channel may be used but it’s also available and you can follow it.

There’s other things that I am working on that I can’t share yet since they are more tied directly with the site’s relaunch. For now, you can still visit the current Makendo Central by clicking here which still includes all the previous content and now also includes a link to all the places where you can keep up to date on updates and that I just shared in this post.

Author: Link-NM

Link-NM is the administrator of N Masters, Makendo Central, and indie game developer at NovaFan Games. His favorite game franchises include Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart.

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