Time for another update log

Alright, let’s get straight to the point and talk about the things that have been going on.

On N Masters, a few more videos were published before I decided to properly focus on writing a new article. The new article is now published and can be seen here. It’s a new guide for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, which is what I had talked about in my previous log. Additionally, two reviews are being worked on atm and will be hopefully published soon. As for videos in the channel, I may simply resume the Splatoon 3 playthrough. I don’t know when another stream will happen due to the current weather and situation currently going on at my place which I will explain in a bit later.

The other thing that I’m pushing on at the moment is actually NovaFan Games or my indie game dev stuff. Yep, I will soon be announcing the first small game I’ll be working on. The site has been slightly updated to fix some things like the social networks links but bigger changes will come later. A new logo too, most likely.

I also made a small section for NovaFan Games in my N Masters server at Guilded in which I post really quick and small updates about the game development stuff I’m doing at the moment. Kind of like a micro-blog, but even more chill and frequent than if I was posting on Twitter/Misskey. You can also ask questions about my games too. I made that since I feel it would be too much if I made a whole community server only for NovaFan Games. At least at the moment since it’s been a while since I posted or talked about one of my games or released something. But if you want to hear about what specific thing I’m working on at the moment or ask some questions, feel free to join the server and then the group itself. I’ve already talked about and shared a few extra details about two of my characters, Yixa and Tina. Those who are verified supporters, either through Ko-fi or another accepted method, also get access to a special Early Access section.

Development of Makendo Central is currently on pause after I did the work on the videos and presentation of the social network accounts. Like I said earlier, at the moment, the plan is to focus more on more N Masters content and revealing more about game development stuff, NovaFan Games. But if you want to submit or share me stuff about Makeruna Makendo, feel welcome to and I’ll read it. Maybe GungHo will finally remember they have the rights to a fun franchise if they see that activity.

Like usual, if possible, please consider supporting me through my Kofi page. It would be super helpful and it would be a way you can support the development of N Masters, my games, and Makendo Central. And like I said earlier, it would give you the right to access Early Access content on my Guilded server or in my Kofi page itself. Right now, summer weather has started and the room where I work from does not have AC. So you can imagine how rough the days have become in the last few weeks. That’s without counting on the fact that I still need to finish paying for my new PC. So yeah, I would really appreciate it if anyone could support me and I guarantee you would see your tip being well used.

Author: Link-NM

Link-NM is the administrator of N Masters, Makendo Central, and indie game developer at NovaFan Games. His favorite game franchises include Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart.

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