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As you may have noticed, I always preferred Guilded over Discord for chat server. I even mentioned something about reviewing Guilded in one of my previous blog posts related to Makendo Central to explain why I feel Guilded is a better platform. Unfortunately, that’s about to change since Roblox, as the owner of Guilded, decided to make it required to use a Roblox account for Guilded. I’m not going to go deep into explaining that part of the situation and instead just link to this page where the whole issue is explained and how users are not ok with this change. But what this means is important changes to how the chat servers of my projects are managed. The short version of the story is that all the Guilded servers I manage will be shutting down. Specific details on each situation is listed below.

N Masters

On N Masters, the idea I had was to make Guilded the main chat server while Discord would be like a backup. The Guilded server had more options and used more the advantages of Guilded while also bridging the regular text channels between both sides.

With the Guilded situation that’s going on, the Guilded server will be shut down completely and all activity will be moving back to Discord. A Matrix space will also be made that will be bridged with the Discord server. This time, both bridged locations will be treated equally and neither side will be the main one. Both sides will be backup of each other.

Currently, I’m working on making sure most of the Guilded channels are available on Discord. Some features, unfortunately, won’t be able to make it since an equivalent does not exist on Discord. For example, the calendar channels.

You can already access the Discord server through the link available on the community page. The Matrix space link will also be available there as soon as it’s ready.

NovaFan Games

The servers for NovaFan Games, my indie game developer stuff, were planned to be completely bridged and mirrored. Neither the Guilded or Discord server was the main chat server. Because of this, neither side used unique service features either, or at least for the most part.

Due to the Guilded situation, though, the Guilded server will be completely shut down. In fact, I have already disabled the bridge that existed between the Guilded and Discord servers and alerted everyone who was on the Guilded side to move to the Discord side or a new Matrix space.

Similar to N Masters, the Matrix space will be bridged with the Discord server. The server was pretty small overall still so that’s all about it for now. It is already ready and available here for Discord or here for Matrix.

Makendo Central

Makendo Central was the one that is getting hit the most with the Roblox/Guilded situation. With Makendo Central, only the Guilded server was planned to exist. That server was designed to have and host a lot of things, making the most out of Guilded. There was no Discord side at all.

But with the Guilded situation, the plans have been completely changed. The Guilded server will be shut down and the text channels will be moved to a new Discord server that I’m already working on. The forum channel is very likely moving to being on the site itself as a selfhosted forum. And the gallery channel will be a forum channel inside Discord. A link to the Discord server will be available here as soon as I make sure everything within the server is set up and ready.

Update: Makendo Central Discord server ready.

Author: Link-NM

Link-NM is the administrator of N Masters, Makendo Central, and indie game developer at NovaFan Games. His favorite game franchises include Mega Man X, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart.

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