Dr. Mario World and Splatocalypse mobile wallpapers

Nintendo has recently shared two more LINE wallpapers to celebrate the release of Dr. Mario World and the final Splatoon 2 Splatfest. Both, as usual, are only available for mobile resolutions. You can download them below:


Nintendo LINE account May 2019 calendar wallpaper

Here’s the mobile calendar wallpaper for May from Nintendo LINE account.


Yup, interesting art-style for Kinopio-kun.

And yeah, I haven’t really been posting much here recently. Been busy overall during the last month. There’s stuff I want to share, though. Also, have N Masters and Makendou Central updates to do. Both are under construction, btw, and the plan that I mentioned before still remains.

Remote Image Loader and Sequential File Downloader

These are two small scripts I made a while ago to help me see or download images with a sequential filename (001, 002, 003… etc).

The first one is done in JavaScript and it lets you view them on your browser. You can find the code here:


Or you can use the web app here:


The second one is a small Python script I did afterwards. While my idea was still focusing on image files, it can pretty much download any kind of file too as long is it has an extension in its file name. You can check the code and download it here: