This is the first game I that can safely say was the first one I completely finished and is fully playable. The game was done in team during college (can’t remember who they were or their names, btw. 😛 They can contact me if needed). I was responsable for the level designs and a big part of the creative team. For example, the achievement system that was implemented was my idea.

While it’s completely in Spanish, it is a simple platforming game so it can be understood easily. Still, I will provide translations for each thing here aswell.

As an additional note, I do not have the source files of this game.


The game is made in Java, so you need to have that installed to be able to open it. First of all, just simply extract the files inside the .7zip file. After that, just open “Chatarratack.jar” and the game should start.

Your objective is to go through each of the three stages while eating the right amount of apples. Your calorie meter, the number on the top right, can’t be either too low or too high from the requested one. If it’s red, you won’t be able to clear the stage and will have to restart the level.

The controls are simple, arrow keys control your movement and jump while the spacebar let’s you use a sword attack to kill off the bad food enemies. Your HP is on the top left in form of a bar. When it reaches zero (no bar), you’ll need to restart the level. The main menu options are in the following order: New Game, Load Game, Options, and Exit. When you choose either New or Load Game, the game will ask you to input the name of your file.