El Bosque de Leandro

This game was done near the end of college and was done in team. For this project, I was the leader, lead and main programmer, and level design supervisor. The game is made in Unity and was my first experience making a 3D game. I also learned a lot about leading a game development team.

The game is about a hunter who is very prideful about himself, but one day, while resting on the woods, a monkey (named Mr. Bubbles) stole his hunting weapons. After this happens, his perspective of the forest completely changes into a really dark and scary one, since he feels completely defenseless now against the animals that live in it.

Like “Chatarrattack”, this game is also completely in Spanish, but this one has even less text and can be understood easily. I may be able to release a translation patch if needed since I also do own the source files of this game. Another thing to note is that, sadly, the game had to be a bit rushed at the end, so several ideas had to be cut and some bugs couldn’t be fixed.

A special note for this game that should also be noted. The original idea for this game was lost during development. The intended audience was either a E10+ or Teen rating, but somehow it ended up becoming an M rated game, specifically due to swearing, a bit on the graphics, and slight drug references. I will be providing both, original version of the game, and a censored version (rated Teen, IMO) that removes specifically the swearing and also fixes the power-up glitch. The music on the censored version is done by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com .


Download the .7zip file and extract it to the folder that you wish. Then, just open “leandro.exe” on the Windows version, “leandro.app” on Mac version or “leandro” on the Linux version. After choosing the resolution and graphic settings you like, you will be shown with an introduction movie in the uncensored version or the title screen in later versions. You can skip the intro movie by pressing Enter. The menu has two buttons, choose the top one to start the game or the bottom one to exit.

The controls of the game are simple:

  • Arrow keys – Move around
  • Shift – Hold to run
  • Space – Shoot

Your objective is to find the exit in the first two stages and defeat Mr. Bubbles on the third one. Your HP is on the top left and also the amount of lives you still have. There are several power-ups to find in the stages aswell.