Old Java Games

Please note that these are really old Java games. They are not able to run on most modern browsers anymore. If you really want to try them out and know how to make Java work, the links are below.

Old Java Game 1 (aka, “Asteroid Evader”?)

You’re the blue ball (planet?) and need to constantly dodge the red/yellow ball (asteroid?). You move by holding down the left mouse button and moving your cursor to where you want the blue ball to be at. Click the image to play it.

Old Java Game 2 (aka, “Money Catcher”)

I remember more about this one, actually. The idea is still quite basic and I actually tried redoing it with Rie’s Candy Catch. Anyway, the point of the game is simple. Use the arrow keys to control the basket and catch the coins before the fall to the bottom of the screen. Click on the image to play it.