Quick update on N Masters status

Considering N Masters is now linking directly here for people who want updates about it, I should post something recent about it.

Basically, the idea for the site (and all projects) is very similar as it was back on this other post. In other words, N Masters is still under construction of some big changes. The focus will probably change to just reviews and other community things such as the game cards. As for the other projects, their idea pretty much remains the exact same way as described in that post.

That’s pretty much it for now so hopefully you’ll be seeing some changes to at least one of those sites in the next few days. (Also hoping to start posting other stuff here too that isn’t just sharing Nintendo Line wallpapers.)

Nintendo LINE September 2020 wallpaper (and August too)

Here’s the usual mobile wallpaper calendar for this month shared by Nintendo through LINE.


And since I forgot to post the wallpaper for the previous month (😅), I’m including it in this post too to keep these backups complete. Just check inside to download it.

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