SNES vs Super Famicom Switch online apps – Launch games

Welp, it took me a while but here it is. The blog post related to the launch games included in the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo Switch online apps.

I’m not going to mention the list of games that were added since it’s big and you can see all of them in action in the video below. Also, there’s only one different game between the two apps (which I’ll mention later). Overall, though, it’s an interesting list of games in which there’s expected good classics and a few unknown but fun games.

Below is the video for the western version of the app.

Yep, Super Puyo Puyo 2 is completely untranslated since it was never released outside of Japan. And the menu navigation isn’t easy. XD

Here’s the video for the Super Famicom version of the app.

There’s only one game that is completely different. Japan got Super Family Tennis instead of Super Tennis. Both are hard games but I prefer the one Japan got instead of the western one. The gameplay feels better and the game a bit more fun, IMO.

Also, the videos ended up longer than I thought because of how many games were recorded. ?

NES vs Famicom Switch Online apps – August 2019 update

For August, Nintendo has updated both applications with the same number of games. The only difference is the swap between Vice: Project Doom and Downtown Nekketsu.

Below is the list of games added to the NES app:

  • Kung-Fu Heroes
  • Vice: Project Doom
  • (SP) Gradius (Starts at the beginning of the 2nd playthrough)

And here’s the list of games added on the Family Computer – Nintendo Switch Online app.

  • Super Chinese (aka, Kung-Fu Heroes)
  • Downtown Nekketsu Kōshinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundōkai
  • (SP) Gradius (Same change as NES app)

The oddest thing about this month’s update is that it arrived very late and didn’t add much. Still, Vice: Project Doom is a really nice surprise and Downtown Nekketsu is fun too.

An accidental full playthrough of The Next Penelope

Did this a few days ago during a live stream. I honestly didn’t mean to finish the game. ? I really didn’t expect the be over so quick and I wanted to show more of the game. I guess that’s what it is, though.

Anyway, the video below is an edited version of the recording with all the deaths removed.

Although short, The Next Penelope is a good game overall if you like this type of game. There were a few flaws at some points but the experience was mostly fun. And I’m sure the multiplayer option is good. Want to add, though, that I really enjoyed the gameplay of the final boss fights. Yep, more than the normal game. XD