Making of Vixy’s Arcade Zone in PSO2

A while ago, before the first Phantasy Star House Party stream, VixyNyan asked in her Discord server if anyone could help her fill up one remaining area in her Creative Space in PSO2 New Genesis. Since I enjoy building and designing creative stuff like this, I decided to take the chance and told her I would think of something and build it soon so her Creative Space was ready before the stream happened. This had to be done quick since her CS would be featured in the stream.

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PSO2NGS Winter 2022 Mischief Symbols Guide

Update: Video added to the post. (February 6, 2022)

Here’s a quick guide I published on my Guilded server for the Winter 2022 Mischief Symbols in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. I may make a video version of it later today and just update this post with it too.

First, use the mini-map on the top-left of each screenshot to find the general position. Then use the main screen to find the exact location. If you need extra help, here’s a video too.

Completing this small seasonal task will give you a Title but it will only be available until next week on February 8th 2022. So make sure you do it before then or you will miss out.

How search works in PSO2 Player Shops

Welp, it’s been a while since I last published something here even though I said I would start doing the opposite. But it’s time to fix that.

First of all, going to post this quick guide related to PSO2 and its player or personal shop system. More specifically, how to search in it to find your favorite cosmetic, weapon, or item. It’s a guide I’ve been thinking of making since a while ago. There is also stuff going on with overall N Masters, Makendo Central, and game development things but I’ll share that in a post after this one.

Anyway, let’s start with this quick guide which you can find inside this post.

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